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The Dragon Isles

Adventure and intrigue abound!

  • 3 hr
  • Crowthorne Library

What To Expect

The nation of Shaira is a prosperous kingdom. Its capital, Soless, lies on the north-western coast and is a thriving cosmopolitan port, trading goods with its allies on far-flung shores. Until very recently, this shipping trade had been overshadowed by a small archipelago just off the coast known as The Dragon Isles. Any ship veering off course and straying too close to The Dragon Isles would be attacked by the thousands of dragons which inhabited them. Recently, the dragons mysteriously and suddenly disappeared. The Dragon Isles were now vacant, so the Shairan government sponsored an expedition to the islands. This expedition discovered a strange portal on one of the islands that opens every fourteen days for a few hours at a time. When open, anyone passing through that portal is transported to a mysterious land. A frontier town sprung up around the portal, housing scholars and the military, who are there to study and secure the portal for the nation of Shaira. Adventurers also populate this frontier town, using it as a base camp from which to travel through the portal when it opens, seeking opportunities in the strange lands beyond. All the players in this game are adventurers who arrived in this frontier town. They have been sponsored by a benefactor to conduct missions through the portal. Recently, the mystery of why the dragons suddenly disappeared has been partially revealed to be the work of a group of evil mages known as The Knights of Kae'Raness. Now the players are tasked with helping the military stop the mages' nefarious plans!

Cancellation Policy

Places are limited! Please ensure you can attend the session before booking. Cancellations more than 2 hours ahead of the start time of the session are allowed, but cancellations within 2 hours of the session will be counted as a no-show for you. Repeated no-shows may result in you being asked not to attend in future, as this is not fair for others who are waiting to attend. Please ensure you have a character sheet ready to go prior to the session, and that it complies with the guidelines on the main page.

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