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Elizabeth's Story

If you're curious about how all this was started and by whom, this is the story of Elizabeth, the founder of Storm Ahead ADHD.

I grew up knowing I was different. For the most part, I liked that. It made me a bit more interesting than the average person, and academically I was bright, achieving particular success whenever a school project caught my creative attention.

But there were downsides, too; my tantrums didn't stop in childhood, and I was often chided for talking over people, dominating conversations, and becoming obsessed with particular things to the exclusion of almost everything else.

Into my teens, and then further into adulthood, things started to fall apart. Reckless and impulsive behaviour sometimes got me into serious trouble. Academically, I lacked the self-discipline that others seemed to find so easy, and my university degree fell far short of expectations.

My inability to organise no matter how hard I tried meant I missed appointments, was often late for work, and was seen by friends and family as a "flake". I thought it was all my fault, that if I just tried harder I could stop being the way I was and instead find success, but my twenties and early thirties saw me struggle even more in the world of work, marriage, and eventually, mental health.

Finally, after a near-breakdown in my mid-thirties, I sought help from a professional who accurately diagnosed me for the first time. It was ADHD.

The understanding and clarity brought about by the diagnosis has been revelatory, allowing me to learn techniques and strategies to improve my marriage, kick-start my career, and reach my goals.

I have realised that instead of fighting my ADHD brain and trying to force it to work the same way as "neurotypical" ones, I can harness its incredible powers of creativity, hyperfocus, resilience, adaptability, generosity, and infectious enthusiasm to my advantage. While I still face many challenges, I now do so with strategies, techniques, and coping mechanisms to ward off the negatives and refocus on the positives.

Since the diagnosis, I have made it my mission that no ADHD adult should ever have to go through life without this ability to harness their powerful mind. To that end, I now share my extensive knowledge and personal experiences with teens and adults who are struggling with the symptoms and results of ADHD, whether it be diagnosed or undiagnosed, treated or untreated.

Through my coaching, blog, social media channels, and an upcoming book, I help individuals with ADHD to find success at school and work, see improvements in their relationships with friends, families, and romantic partners, and raise their self-esteem, enabling them to see that their ADHD isn't a problem to be fixed, but a difference to be embraced.

Interested? Start your journey today and begin to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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