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So You Have (Or Think You Have) ADHD? Start Here

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Hello and welcome! Since you're here, it's likely that you either have—or think you have—ADHD. You're not alone! Storm Ahead Coaching is here to help you learn about, understand, and even embrace your ADHD brain.

You Think You Might Have ADHD

You might be here because you have always felt different and haven't known why, and suspect that maybe ADHD explains some of your symptoms. Some of you may have struggled for years as a child, teenager, and adult with the stresses of undiagnosed ADHD, which can really take its toll on your mental wellbeing.

To you I say, well done. Seriously.

Navigating the neurotypical world with an ADHD brain is like trying to navigate through a forest without a map and compass. The fact you've managed this well for this long is a testament to you and your awesomeness.

I should know—I did it for 35 years, and it's not easy.

If you haven't received a formal diagnosis but you suspect that you may have ADHD, you might like to try this quiz from the fantastic folks at

You Already Have an ADHD Diagnosis

You may be here because you've received a diagnosis - if so, congratulations!

Although it may not feel like it's something to celebrate now—you might be confused, sad, or even angry about it—receiving a diagnosis is like being given a readable map and a compass that works, so you can finally start to navigate your way through that forest.

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, remember that having ADHD doesn't mean you're a freak or a failure. It just means that your brain works differently from neurotypical brains, and that's fine.

Being a teenager or adult with ADHD—diagnosed or undiagnosed—can be really hard. And given that it's a difference in the way your brain works, it affects every aspect of your life. You probably have so many questions and need so much information that it's difficult to know where to start!

That's where Storm Ahead Coaching is able to help. With short, simple, plain language, and (hopefully) fun ways of explaining why you are the way you are, you can start tackling your ADHD one step at a time.

A great place to begin your journey through the forest is to learn more about what ADHD is and how it affects us, in our introductory series on Executive Function. From there, you can discover strategies to try right now to help you work with your ADHD brain and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

My ADHD coaching is a great way to help you to acknowledge, understand, treat, and work with your ADHD brain instead of fighting against it. Find out how by booking a FREE Discovery Call, and take charge of your life today!

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