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About Us

Whether you have played D&D for years or you only know it by name, we are here to help you get started playing with Crowthorne Dungeons & Dragons! 

Who are you?


We are a friendly group of locals who play a game called "Dungeons & Dragons". We play at the Crowthorne Library on select Saturdays between 12pm and 3pm and we would love for you to join in!


The goal of these sessions is to get as many people as possible to try out the game, with no barriers to entry and no ongoing commitment.


What is Dungeons & Dragons?


Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a table-top role-playing game (TTRPG).

The players play characters in a fictional setting. Players describe their characters' actions, and the actions succeed or fail according to a set of rules.


Within these rules, the players' choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.


The game is run by a Dungeon Master; they invent the setting, set the challenges, and direct the action.


How can I get involved?


If you're ready to play, sign up using our booking tool to secure a spot in an upcoming session.


If you want help before taking the plunge, you can either arrive at the end of a session to chat with the Dungeon Master, or show up at the next session to watch and learn as an observer, no booking needed.

Remember, there is no ongoing commitment. If you enjoy yourself, you can keep playing as little or often as you like. If not, you can at least say you tried something different!

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